Cooperation with the client can be represented by an algorithm:

  1. Acquaintance. You can get basic information about our company on this web-site or order a separate presentation. Our contact details can be found in the "Contacts" section of this site. We will also be glad to see you in our office.
  2. Defining areas of cooperation. To do this, the client must provide detailed and complete information on their issue, prepare copies of documents. On the basis of the received data we prepare the offer, where questions will be displayed, of interest to the client: types of services, their scope and procedure, cost, the order of payments for services, deadlines for the task and other important information.
  3. Concluding a contract for the provision of services. The contract will define the client's tasks, types of work, conducted, project implementation deadlines, contract price and payment stages, etc.
  4. Implementation of client's tasks. We allocate an employee for a specific client's project, who will work with the client, and responsible for the state of affairs in this area. All information on project implementation, including legal, financial and technical, is confidential to us and is not disclosed by us.


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