Potapenko & Partners Law Firm provides its clients with a wide range of legal services in various fields of law.

The main directions of our activity of the company – assistance to international and local companies in entering the Ukrainian market and their support, daily legal support of clients' business projects.

For a long time, we focused on the following areas, where we have the strongest position:

  • corporate law
  • business support
  • M&A (mergers and acquisitions)
  • taxation
  • investments
  • foreign jurisdictions
  • legal services
  • civil law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor Law
  • international trade
  • contract law
  • agribusiness,
  • dispute resolution and judicial representation



Corporate law – one of the most popular areas of practice at the moment, which includes:

– Creation, reorganization and liquidation of companies of various organizational forms, including, with foreign capital,

– Corporate restructuring,

– Development and adoption of internal corporate documents by companies,

– Creating a holding structure,

– Opening of branches and representative offices,

– Building the management structure of the company,

– Development of documents for storage of trade secrets and confidential information,

– Holding a general meeting of founders / shareholders,

– Resolution of corporate conflicts.

Our lawyers have vast experience in this field, which allows you to solve the most difficult problems.



We use an integrated approach in building the business of our clients: ranging from advising on key business issues, preparation and implementation of documentation, and ending with practical legal assistance in resolving specific situations.

This area includes advising clients on complex issues: taxation, conclusion and termination of contracts, relations with contractors, etc..

The client is assisted in obtaining permits from various government agencies, preparation of documents and obtaining licenses, certificates and permits.

We are constantly working with government agencies and their officials in the core business of our clients.



Our lawyers are constantly involved in the process of buying and selling business in Ukraine.

Legal support in this area is extremely important, because it touches on many issues: financing of the agreement, agreement mechanism, possible losses after acquisition, etc.. Lack of proper legal counsel in M ​​proceedings & A can lead to the worst consequences.

Our lawyers carry out:

– Participation in preliminary negotiations, preparation, coordination and organization of signing the protocol of intentions,

– Legal due diligence, the so-called "legal audit" of the object of acquisition / sales,

– Development of the acquisition scheme / sale of the object, including taxation issues, antitrust regulation, registration of property rights, obtaining approvals for the agreement,

– Consultations and providing conclusions on tax and currency aspects of the agreement,

– Analysis of the need for permits and approvals, obtaining the necessary documents,

– Implementation of the agreement: signing the agreement, registration of rights to objects, change of management, conducting registration procedures, paperwork,

– Control of the results of the operation.

Legal due diligence procedures have long been an integral part of every transaction. We find out the legal and factual status of the object of acquisition / sales, availability of all necessary registration and title documents, analyze debts and encumbrances, correct registration of assets, prepare a report with recommendations to the client, etc..

The results of legal due diligence can significantly increase or decrease the value of the object, depending on its legal status.



Taxation is one of the priorities in any activity: trade operations, business acquisition, business financing, etc.. We offer:

– Providing legal opinions on certain transactions,

– Tax support of commercial projects, project financing,

– Development and practical implementation of schemes for the purpose of legal optimization of taxation for legal entities and individuals,

– Reduction of liability for violations of tax legislation,

– Support of tax inspections.

– Disputes with tax authorities,

– Analysis of business projects and individual agreements for tax optimization,



This industry includes:

– Implementation of investment projects "from scratch",

– Legal and tax analysis of the investment project,

– Preparation of permits,

– Development of agreements and other documents in the field of investment,

– Support and control of the investment process,

– Protection of investor rights in the investor-state and investor-partner relations,

– Registration of foreign investments,

– Consulting and legal support of real estate transactions, including the preparation of a draft agreement, approval of the draft agreement, registration of the transfer of rights is not real estate, verification of the legality of ownership of real estate rights, etc..



One of the directions of our practice is:

– Consultations on acquisition and sale of foreign companies,

– Agency optimization, forwarding and trade activities with the use of foreign companies,

– Business restructuring with the help of foreign companies,

– Financing in Ukraine,

– Account opening and account management,

– Use of international agreements on avoidance of double taxation,

– Confirmation of resident status,

Our company works closely with foreign partners without intermediaries.



We provide basic types of legal services:

– Legal advice and clarification,

– Oral and written references on Ukrainian legislation,

– Preparation of applications, complaints and other legal documents,

– Representation of interests in courts, executive authorities, before citizens and legal entities,

– Legal support of enterprises and entrepreneurs,

– Providing legal assistance in criminal proceedings.

The client may submit the documents to the lawyer for safekeeping, which by law cannot be inspected or removed without the consent of a lawyer. The lawyer is guaranteed to keep the lawyer's secret, he cannot be questioned about cooperation with the client.



We are ready to offer you a wide range of services in the field of civil law:

– Advising on property rights,

– Consultation with specific objects of civil rights (securities, vehicles, intangible assets),

– Concluding contracts,

– Protection of individual rights,

– Contractual liability,

– Liability for violation of consumer rights.



Successful business is possible only with full protection of the client's intellectual capital. In this regard, we provide the following services:

– Registration of marks for goods and services (TM), copyright, industrial designs, patents,

– Analysis of legal situations in the relationship of the client as a participant and as the owner of intellectual property,

– Preparation and implementation of schemes for the protection of intellectual property rights,

– Representation of the client's interests in government agencies, managing intellectual property, as well as in the courts,

– Author's development (licensed) agreements on various objects of copyright (theatrical production, works of art, etc.),

– Legal support for the organization of the show,

– Registration of intellectual property rights.



The success of any company is based on its employees. Therefore, the correct design of relations with employees – guarantee of transparent relations and insurance in case of difficulties. We are ready to provide a full range of services in the field of labor law:

– Advising employers and employees on employment and labor relations,

– Development of employment contracts and agreements, internal regulations and instructions, taking into account the specifics of the company,

– Judicial and extrajudicial settlement of labor disputes,

– Obtaining employment permits for foreign citizens, renewal of permits,

– Issues of reorganization of companies and dismissal of staff.



In the field of international trade, our lawyers are ready to help clients with the following issues:

– Structuring trade operations,

– Advising clients on the use of Incoterms,

– Preparation of foreign economic contracts,

– Advising on customs procedures, application of customs benefits, payment of customs duties, liability for violations of customs legislation and other issues.



This industry occupies a large amount of our work, it includes:

– Development of a package of contracts and other documents for conducting a specific type of business,

– Development of exclusive draft agreements, not provided by law,

– Verification of draft agreements, offered to customers by their partners, making proposals for their change,

– Customer support during negotiations with partners,

– Construction in the company of the system of the account and correct conducting of contractual work,

– Monitoring the implementation of contracts,

– Preparation of claims and responses to claims.

The firm has significant experience in the field of legal examination of purchase and sale agreements, rent, mines, supplies, agency agreements, agreements on the organization of transport and forwarding activities and others.



Since the beginning of our company, we have been serving clients in the agricultural sector and providing them with such services:

– Advising on land lease, their design, changes and registration of land rights,

– Advising on property issues of agricultural companies, unbundling of property, registration of assets,

– Support of contractual activity of agricultural companies (development of specific agreements, claim work, etc.),

– Checking the correctness of the registration of assets in the company,

– Checking the existing land fund of companies, correctness of registration of land lease rights, providing conclusions,

– Pre-sale inspection of agricultural companies, preparation for sale and its support.



The practice of dispute resolution includes:

– analysis of debts of clients and their counterparties, providing conclusions and recommendations on structuring and debt reduction,

– participation in negotiations with debtors, development of options for reconciling disputes,

– organization of claim work,

– preparation and filing of lawsuits, judicial representation in all courts of Ukraine,

– support of execution of court decisions.

On each of the list of services there is the following decoding, which should open when pressed (AS IN THE "PORTFOLIO" SECTION on the sample site) in the appropriate direction