Payment options for our services

  1. Hourly. Services are paid depending on the amount of time, spent on customer tasks (consultancy, preparation of documents, participation in joint meetings, etc.). To do this, the client is provided with a detailed report describing the dates, time, and the essence of the work performed. When involving several employees, the working hours of each are considered.
  2. Fixed payment. Regarding standard services (obtaining a license, company registration, obtaining a permit, preparation of a legal opinion, etc.) we can offer a fixed payment, considering, that we know the scope and nature of future work, as well as the cost budget.
  3. Subscriber service. With this scheme, the client pays a certain amount every month, and has the right to use a certain amount of our services. With this form of payment, the cost of our services is lower, than with hourly pay. in addition, the client "reserves" for himself the time of our employees.
  4. Percentage of the amount owed or the transaction implemented.

Online payment for services - Ophthalmic

A large amount of services provides discounts, about which you can ask.

The cost of services does not include project costs (translation of documents, notarization of translations, legalization of foreign documents in Ukraine, postage, transportation and communication costs, notarized copies of documents and call a notary, payment of official fees and charges). The client is obliged to reimburse the costs incurred by us in connection with the performance of its tasks.


Prices for the same services may differ in the legal services market. The customer needs to know, which affects the cost of each service:

– Qualification of employees, who are involved in the implementation of a specific task,

– Time and volume of work, necessary to perform the task,

– Material costs for the task,

– The degree of complexity and novelty of legal issues, concerning the provision of legal services,

– The probability of that, that the provision of legal services by our company will interfere with the provision of other legal services or significantly complicate their implementation in the normal time regime,

– The need to go on a business trip,

– The role of our company in achieving a specific result for the client,

– Achieving a positive result for the client in providing legal services,

– Special or additional requirements of the client regarding the terms of providing legal services,

– The nature and duration of our company's professional relationship with a particular client,

– The need to involve additional specialists to address individual customer issues,

– Other factors.


The customer can always get information about the conditions of price formation for a product.